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You can find the information about our company here.

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Veenutthasa Pradaphun

CEO & Real Estate Agent

The Queen Real Estate the agent of purchase, sales and rental of property of over 5 years.

We have specialists are ready to service and manage all aspects of property even if large or small and for living, investment or business.

With our beyond efficiency, our staff are able to advise you to receive the best real estate you need. Such as condominium, house, town house, land, office, retail shop, show room, home office, commercial building and warehouse.

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The Queen Real Estate | Agent
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The Queen Real Estate | Agent
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Our company (The Queen Real Estate) was established from xxx years ago. Since then, we're running our business under the name of "All Star Property". The business run well so today we are building another brand. Which is even stronger and higher experience. With the background more than 10 years in Real Estate business. You can be assured that our outcome will be professional.

Until today, with the value more than 100 million Thai baht that we've succeed the transaction. This can guarantee our quality and the know how of working. We are also special in the term of investment. We can turn the existing building into the valuable property. We can upgrade the low cost evaluation into the making money.

Our website, we have 6 categories of properties all over Phuket. For example : Apartment, Business building, Condominium, Land, Single house, Town house or Villas. These properties are varied in different area. You can make a search based on your criterias : Price, Bed room, type of property and specific zone - click on the map.



How to use map search?

  1. Select the price range. The left slide is the minimum, the right slide is the maximum price. And the search will find property between these ranges.
  2. How many bedroom do you want? You can choose up to 10 bedrooms (Please contact you neef more). So the search will find the property where bedroom is less than your criteria. Except the land.
  3. How do you want the property resulted? There're 3 types of the property : 1.) For sale 2.) For rent and 3.) For sale or rent.
  4. You can find the property according to the category. This is a must have. You need to select it from the list and the result will show.
  5. Map, when click the area will become orange. You can select up to 10 areas but the result will also filtered by the criterias from above.



How to send search result to a friend?

  1. After you clicked the "Search" button from map search. There's a search result page show up. Please find a BLUE BUTTON saying "Create Short URL".
  2. Click a button Create Short URL. Then a button will turn green with a link inside. For example,
  3. Copy the link inside the green button and send it to your friend or put on the social media.



How to send us an email?

Because there're a number of junk mail and spam coming to our inbox everyday. And sometimes it contains viruses. So we decided to protect our time reading by just only a human who really need our reply to see the email address. To find it please follow the instruction below.

  1. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Then you'll see a dark blue section - called "FOOTER".
  2. At the bottom of first column. There is a line with envelope icon next to the text "E-mail". 
  3. Click a link 'click to see' and there will be a pop up appear.
  4. Inside the red popup. There is a input box to fill the letters, number so fill it in.
  5. After a valid input. You should see our email address. Just click on the link or copy it into your compose box.

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